The Buronga Organics Story

We are a certified Organic farm owned and operated by David and Mary Booth and our wonderfully dedicated and hard working children: Anna, Andrew, Henry, Louisa, Richard, Charlie and Isobella.

Comprising of rolling hills and lush pastures, numerous gullies, creek beds and native bushland. The farm covers an area of 1600 hectares (4000 acres). About a third of the land is dedicated to private native vegetation, featuring ironbark and red gum communities. This area is managed in conjunction with conservation authorities, with the aim of encouraging and maintaining the natural biodiversity and ecology of the area.

The organic philosophy is central to the management of our farm.
We are driven by the belief that we must farm in harmony with nature using sustainable methods, to promote healthy foods and to protect the welfare of our environment.
Our motto, perfecting pure produce, reflects our organic philosophy and our commitment to producing quality organic beef, lamb, goat and grains.

We focus on maintaining a healthy environment that is conducive to good health in our animals. That means ensuring good quality feed, keeping the animals' stress levels low and keeping them disease free. Healthy pastures, plenty of space to graze and rotational grazing methods help to maintain an environment which ensures our animals are happy and healthy.

Our herd of 150 Angus cattle is well adapted to our local environment, the breed renown for producing superior quality meat.

We run about 1,300 head of mainly White Dorper sheep. The Dorper is a hardy, fertile breed which gains weight rapidly at an early age, is disease resistant and sheds its fleece. Which means there's no need for mulesing, crutching or shearing. For all these reasons, the Dorper is perfectly suited to our organic farming model.

Buronga also carries 1,300 goats, with our breeding program directed towards production of pure-blood Boers. The Boer is the most selectively bred meat goat in the world.
Our goats graze in the open pastures and are a great method of weed control. The use of Boer genetics has enabled us to select goats which thrive under a variety of conditions, have strong disease resistance and need no shearing or crutching.

In addition to our grazing we grow cereal crops, including Spelt . One of the oldest grains known to man, Spelt has made a recent resurgence in due to its health benefits and unique flavour. Many health food outlets are stocking spelt flour and breads as well as other processed spelt products as an alternative for those that are wheat intolerant.

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Our Location

Lismore Road
Phone: 02 69422115