Find local food wherever you are.
See what Chakula is about and why it matters.
Farmers - Tell the story of your produce.
Show your customers where to buy your goods
Show the source of your produce
Have your growers explain what makes your products special
Showcase the diversity of your local food community
Great for tourist information and growers associations
The Chakula QR code is your key to understanding the provenance of your food. Look for our code on produce, packaging and menus near you - and start eating a better story

Start eating a better story

Find - Food Search

Finding food on Chakula is free and easy. Tell us what you you're looking for and we'll find it in your local area. We look in the area displayed on the map. Zoom in to focus your search or zoom out for a wider view.

Your search results are presented as map markers, clustered as required for easy viewing. We also have a list view of results if you prefer working that way. Clicking on a marker will expand a cluster or show a popup for a single marker. The popup provides an overview of the member and may include a short message such as the availability of seasonal produce or special deals available right now. The popup contains a link that will take you to the members full profile page.

Face - Member Profile

This is where you as a member have the opportunity to tell your story and the story of your products. Your profile puts a face on food, introducing you to your customers and allowing you to speak directly to them. Your history, production methods, location and therefore products are uniquely yours. Celebrate this!

The members profile page includes:

  • a description of your operation
  • several images including your logo
  • email contact form
  • social media links to share and follow
  • address details
  • link to member website
  • an interactive map of the members food network

Place - Food Network Map

Our profile map is centered on the location of the member displayed as the Chakula marker.

The food network consists of those who have a relationship with the profile member.

A farmer's network will indicate the places his produce is available or value-added. This may include her roadside stall, a local farmers market or the gourmet restaurants in town.

A restaurant member's food network will show the exact source of local ingredients.

A great example of the food network concept is a local butcher. The butcher's relationships will illustrate the value chain from the farms where livestock is reared to his storefront and on to the restaurants that he supplies.

The food network is useful for promoting your regional food community, growers co-op or industry association.

Clicking a marker on the map displays a popup consisting of:

  • the member title
  • a short, time-sensitive message from the member
  • a brief description of the member
  • a link to the member's own profile page

Trace - Provenance

Each member is provided with a personalised Chakula QR code. Scanning of the code will send a user directly to the member's profile page.

The Chakula QR code allows anyone to immediately see the story behind a product.

Our distinctive QR codes are suitable for use on products, packaging and menus. When a customer is considering a purchase or has just enjoyed your product they can immediately engage with your story.

An understanding of our food's provenance empowers us to make conscious choices regarding our food. We can decide to support our local community, farmers and to help shape our food system.